Best Construction and Manufacturing Company 2017


Munters deliver energy efficient solutions for climate control globally. To ensure highest possible quality in the delivery, Munters work is based on strong corporate values which has been shaped through an ambassador program. Linking the Munters brand with social and ethical responsibility is clear when looking at the scores from their engagement survey. During 2016 Munters made significant leaps in their employee engagement scores. To clarify what is important in leadership and in the working climate, Munters work with linkage analysis which clearly show strong positive links between acting according to the values and profitability.

Stora Enso, a leading provider of renewable materials within packaging solutions, biomaterials, wood products and paper, runs a large scale global change program to strengthen their position within the industry. What today is made out of oil will be possible to make out of wood tomorrow, which presents a huge challenge to the organization from many perspectives. To meet the challenges emphasis has been put on strengthening employee engagement and a strong leadership. The results from the employee survey clearly show that the efforts Stora Enso put into these areas are truly embraced by the organization and highly effective.

Preem, Swedens largest fuel company, raises the bar through their noble vision of leading the transition towards a sustainable society. They value their employees highly and see them as an integral part of the journey towards a sustainable society, which is also shown by the results from their employee survey. Focus on development permeates all of their organization – from top executives to every single employee, and leadership and corporate values are in the center of focus. By actively working with the results from previous years’ employee surveys through the Focus process and making their values measurable, the progress step by step towards their vision.

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