Best Service Companies 2017


Recruting company Academic Work values ambition highly. That is what they seek, enhance and offer to their customers. Ambition is what makes the company develop and what drives their success. The employee survey clearly shows that ambition permeates all of their organization. They prioritize their working climate and keep a constant outlook to see what is happening in the world in order to improve their own business. Thorough HR work is a corner stone in their success and ensures nothing is left at chance.

At Nordic leading cosmetics retailer KICKS, employees are the key in delivering the customer experience and professional support the customers require. Year after year, KICKS employee survey shows strong improvements on all measured indicies. They have high levels of employee engagement and are perceived as an attractive employer. KICKS realize good leadership is key to high employee engagement and has therefore put extra emphasis on developing their leaders. This has been measured and evaluated through a tailor made leadership index which KICKS track closely through frequent pulse surveys.

Sveriges largest realestate firm Vasakronan is a company that truly lives according to its values. They center around themes such as high ethics, the overall picture and having a humane perspective in all that they do. Creating high levels of employee engagement and motivation among employees is not only a key success factor for their business but also a responsibility they take on as an employer. The results from the employee survey show this very clearly. They are constantly challenging themselves in creating an even better working climate, they have a vision of zero cases of burn out among their employees and they work thoroughly with the implementation of self leadership – all clear signs of willingness to change and drive improvements.

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