The Greatest Development 2017


Leading Human Resource Management company Aditro offers modern, digital and automated solutions for payroll and HR. Their usable and role based solutions offer employees as well as managers and specialists, relevant, user friendly and flexible tools and user experiences. Something that is reflected throughout their whole organization. Aditro continuously work to improve their working climate and has during 2016 shown significant progress in this area. Their HR team, spread across Nordics and the Baltics, have found a way of working that enables successful change management.

Munters deliver energy efficient solutions for climate control globally. To ensure highest possible quality in the delivery, Munters work is based on strong corporate values which has been shaped through an ambassador program. Linking the Munters brand with social and ethical responsibility is clear when looking at the scores from their engagement survey. During 2016 Munters made significant leaps in their employee engagement scores. To clarify what is important in leadership and in the working climate, Munters work with linkage analysis which clearly show strong positive links between acting according to the values and profitability.

Volvofinans Bank is Sweden’s largest bank specialized in cars, and was established back in 1959. During 2015 they implemented a sustainability policy which today guides the way the bank meets its’ customers and stakeholders. An essential part of the policy is being a modern and attractive employer – something that is reflected in their results in the employee survey. Hard work with addressing survey results on team level as well as on company level have resulted in a highly positive development. The engagement levels have increased significantly and an increased number of employees are experiencing excellent leadership.